The nine-hole golf course of Golf Club Líšnice is situated around 15 km south of Prague and can be reached by highway No. 4 in the direction of Mníšek pod Brdy and Příbram. The Líšnice golf course is the second oldest in the Czech Republic after the Mariánské Lázně course. It was founded in 1928.

This 2,495 m long course
requires precise and
technical play.

In its early days, the course was more a kind of Scotch links, but most of the holes are lined with trees and bushes nowadays. You can also find two water hazards there. The course is not very hilly or difficult to walk, but slight mounds that intensify its scenic beauty have to be overcome. From this point of view, it is suitable for older players. Players are still allowed to use shoes with classic metal spikes on this ancient course.

Contact & Arrival


Golfový klub Líšnice
Líšnice 94, 252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy

+420 318 599 151, +420 603 383 238
E-mail: info@gkl.cz
Internet: www.gkl.cz


When driving from Prague, use the exit from highway Nr.4 to Jíloviště and then continue in the direction of Klínec village. In Klinec turn right by the football/soccer pitch and drive right alhead to the golf course. When driving from Dobříš, leave higway No.4 using the exit to Řitka village and drive through Líšnice village to the golf course.


N 49°53′41.23” E 14°19′34.99”

Green fee 2017

Annual Subscription Cards

Adult CZK 10,000
Senior (after reaching retirement age) CZK   7,000
Couple ( two persons living in the same household ) CZK 18,000
Famili ( two adults and two childern aged up to 18 ) CZK 23,000
Childern aged up to 13 CZK  3,500
Childern aged 14 - 18 ( and students aged up to 24 ) CZK  5,000
Non-playing annual subscriprion with CGF card (incl. 1,000 balls on the driving range) CZK  1,300

Green fees for 18 holes

Tuesday–Friday CZK 790 Children aged up to 18 CZK 490
Saturday, Sunday and holidays CZK 950 Children aged up to 18 CZK 590

Green fees for 9 holes

Monday–Friday CZK 490 Children aged up to 18   CZK 290
Saturday, Sunday and holidays CZK 690 Children aged up to 18   CZK 390

Other services

Hiring a set of the clubs CZK        300
One club CZK          50
A trolley (9/18 holes) CZK 100/200
A box in the caddie hall (whole year) CZK     1,000


Admission is free of charge
13 balls (CZK 20 coin) CZK   20
39 balls (Counter) CZK   50
39 balls (Chip) CZK   50
Returnable chip deposit CZK 100
Minimum first chip deposit CZK 500


If you are interested in becoming a member of our club, please contact the club manager.

Phone: +420 318 599 151, +420 603 383 238, E-mail: info@gkl.cz